Premium Cocktail Mixing Set


Stirred Cocktail Mixing Set

Like your stirred up cocktails? This beginner's set is perfect for you! Try using this for our Smoked Maple Old Fashioned Kit 

  • Faceted Mixing Glass : esistant to sudden temperature change (22oz)
  • Silver Cocktail Strainer: hold back the ice in style with this elegant strainer
  • Silver Bar Spoon : 33 cm long, weighted design for easy stirring

All metal tools are crafted with dishwasher-safe stainless steel. Hand wash recommended for mixing glass.


Unleash Your Inner Mixologist

Packed with everything you need to elevate your home entertainment experience.
The Main Ingredient

Take your pick!

Vodka, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, or gin.

Dehydrated Fruit & Garnishes

We provide dehydrated citrus & fun garnishes for a complete cocktail experience.

Recipe Cards

We won't leave you hanging!

Discover a selection of our best recipes in every box.

Fresh Ingredients

Each box includes locally sourced, homemade ingredients, like this jam.


Homemade add-ons that will complete your cocktail.

Locally Batched Coffee

For all of our espresso martini lovers, we would never forget the coffee.

Fresh Citrus

Fresh citrus to spruce things up, stay zesty!

Fizzy Cocktail Mixers

Featuring Fever-Tree, a top choice for enhancing cocktails.